Thursday, 13 July 2017

Why nephrologists are the busiest doctors today?

In the recent studies, experts revealed that India is rapidly progressing to become the world leader in Diabetes, beating China the biggest rival. Indeed, it isn't a matter of pride from any context. Increasing stress, sedentary lifestyle, and incorrect food habits are the major culprits for the same. Since Diabetes doesn't give any symptoms initially and a great damage happens by the time it gets discovered. That's why experts call it the silent killer. Though it affects all vital organs of the body, the biggest victims are our kidneys. High glucose levels in the blood put immense load on their functioning that results in severe kidney disorders. As a result, people search frantically for the best nephrologist in Bangalore who offers an effective and accurate diagnosis.

What is nephrology?

As per definition, it is a branch of medical science that deals with disorders related to the kidneys. Ranging from minor kidney disorders to Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) or acute renal failure, all problems come under the branch of Nephrology. The word Nephro means kidney or renal region in the Grek language. Hence, he or she is the specialist of the renal area.

When a patient is referred to the registered nephrologists in Bangalore by a general physician or another doctor with a suspicion of problems related to the kidneys, a preliminary investigation is carried out to confirm the same. A detailed analysis of blood and urine determines the functioning of kidneys. In some cases, ultrasound or kidney biopsy tests are prescribed as per the situation. A physical examination is also carried out along with it. The medical history and results of these investigations throw sufficient light on the damage caused and action plan for the future. Nephrologists are not surgeons. Therefore, they don't perform operations.

What problems can be cured by expert nephrologist in Bangalore?

Typically when people seek nephrologists, they get treatment foe renal function disorder or total renal loss. In case of an unusual rise in the creatinine levels or blood loss in the urine can also be cured by them. Urinary tract infections, kidney stones, and albumin related problems also come under their scope. They can treat electrolyte related disorders, prostate malignancy, imbalance of acid-base also. They can greatly help in keeping the problems under control by offering preventive nephrology. Early detection of the problem cures it quickly and completely. Correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment keep the situation under control.
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