Thursday, 13 July 2017

What You Want To Know About Facial Recognition Software!

All sci-fi movie lovers would have seen the actual working of a facial recognition security measures and should have seen the facial recognition software in action. In most of the movies especially the oceans trilogy [11, 12, and 13] series, the security department at the Hotel and Casino uses its video surveillance system to pull an image of a card counter, thief or blacklisted individual. It then runs that image through the database to find a match and identify the person. By the end of the hour, all bad guys are escorted from the casino or thrown in jail. But what the difference is it looks easier in the T.V than it actually is and it is really hard to implement in the real word. In the movies they show about the facial recognition through the animation but it is difficult in practical life. The facial recognition software is complex due to the image capturing technology and the scanning process because the face changes for each and every reaction we show.
Earlier the Tampa Police Department installed facial recognition cameras along with all their stuffs and it is equipped with facial recognition technology in their Ybor City nightlife district in an attempt to cut down on crime in the area. The facial recognition system failed to do the job and the facial recognition software is removed and they were tampered along with a bad image on it. As People in the area were wearing masks and making unmoral gestures, preventing the facial recognition software from using further extent to identify the peoples there by the facial recognition technology.
Boston's Logan Airport also joined the facial recognition technique to calm down the jeopardy of the facial recognition systems by implementing them at its security checkpoints using volunteers. After three month assessment it was found that the technologies were not effective and facial recognition system is a failure model again. According to the Electronic Privacy Information Centre, the system only had a 61.4 percent accuracy rate, leading airport officials to pursue other security options.
Human brains have always had the superior ability to recognize and distinguish between millions of faces, but till now the computers only recently have shown the same ability. In the mid-1960s, scientists began work on using the computer for face recognition. Till now the facial recognition software has crossed long journeys.

A facial recognition system stems from a purpose-built combination of high-end hardware components and efficient software to automatically identify or verify a person from a digital image, as required in several Security and Surveillance installations. The identification process is done by comparing the facial features extracted from an image with those previously stored in a facial database.

Applications encompass access control in high-risk areas, residential ones, private and public buildings, and more generally any other context where intelligent association of personal identity and permission rights is needed.
Eurotech's facial recognition systems are compliant with ICAO standard (ISO/IEC 19794-5) and, by using biometrics tracks to map face images, they ensure full accordance with privacy constraints.
These systems can be configured and installed very easily; they can operate over-IP and are particularly suited for integration within Cloud solutions.
The above information feed us the improvement and innovation in the field of face recognition software and tells us how the face recognition software works.
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Zafar Abbas

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